My art is inspired by the concept of garden as a metaphor for human mortality. While I enjoy the earth for gardening, I also continue to "garden" in an array of mixed-media studio spaces.

Watching the wind blow organic fodder into shapes, rearranging the landscape, is akin to my methods of producing art. I never work in a linear fashion, instead, moving from one process to another until the pieces begin to align and move together revealing a new object. The discovery of “value” from small cloth scraps leftover from large cuts for the quilted art quilts have been the staple “paint” most coveted in my studio practice. The randomness of shape mixed with the flexibility of the chainstitch have greatly enhanced my freedom for abstract dialogue in the production of a textile painting. I love the surprise of making something with scraps destined for the landfill—speaking to the planet’s waste in my own small way.

Robin M Jordan